Dairy farmers hike milk price by Rs23 per litre in Karachi

KARACHI: Dairy farmers announced they have hiked milk price by Rs23 per litre in Karachi.

Dairy farmers across the city will now be selling milk to middlemen at the price of Rs108 per litre, which will directly affect the consumers.

According to Dairy Farm Association chief Shakir Umar, the talks between the dairy farmers and Commissioner Karachi yielded no result which led to the price hike.

“We used to sell milk at Rs85 per litre to middlemen, however we have now started implementing the price increase,” he said.

The official said that the price increase comes after transport charges went up due to costlier fuel, higher cow fodder costs and other expenses. 

It is now up to the middlemen and shopkeepers to decide when they want to increase the milk prices and pass on the hike to the consumers, he added.