Culture, jobs lure graduates back to China

BEIJING: Chinese students who have graduated overseas have shown a greater willingness to return and work in the Chinese mainland because of more convenient living circumstances and identification with the culture, according to a new report. The optimization of COVID-19 control policies has also improved the prospects of a promising career at home, said the report by recruitment portal Zhaopin.
The number of Chinese students who have graduated overseas wanting to land jobs in China saw a continuous increase from the start of the epidemic in early 2020, and reached a high in 2022.
In 2021, about 1.05 million of these graduates returned to the mainland for work, almost a twofold rise from 2020 when 580,300 returned to seek employment, according to the Ministry of Education.
Zhaopin conducted a survey of graduates who had returned, and found about 58 percent decided to come back to China because they preferred the convenient living environment, while 40 percent said it was because they identified with the culture.
Also, the optimized COVID-19 control policies have given Chinese students graduating overseas greater confidence in the nation’s economic development in the near future, and strengthened their belief there are more job opportunities on the mainland.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item