‘Culprits who exposed country to flames of hatred unmasked’

LONDON: Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that those who exposed Pakistan to the flames of hatred, misled the people, and pushed the country years behind have been unmasked.
“Allah has created this country not for a day of darkness like May 9, but for a day of brightness like May 28 (The day Pakistan became a nuclear state),” he said while addressing a ceremony in Lahore from London on the occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer.
Congratulating the nation on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the country’s nuclear blasts, Nawaz said that, in the moment of trial, the Almighty held our hand and granted us the ability to make the right decisions.
“We do not harbour any hostile intentions towards anyone. Along with the development of nuclear power, our constant desire has been for the country to become the 7th economic and financial power in the world after becoming the 7th nuclear power,” he added.
He stated that some people began “pulling his leg” in 2017 despite the country being on the path of progress. “I am now aware what grudge these people hold against the country. When I was the prime minister in 2017, the exchange rate was Rs104 per dollar, whereas today it is Rs300. Flour used to be available at Rs33 per kilogramme, but today it is Rs120 rupees per kilogramme.”
The leader of the PML-N said: “I have served Pakistan with great sincerity and love. I consider the nation as my own children, but it is regrettable that on all three occasions [as prime minister], I was deprived of advancing my sacred mission due to one excuse or another, and later I was further marginalised,” he added.
Sharif’s daughter, PML-N chief organiser Maryam Nawaz, also addressed the gathering. Taking a dig at former PTI leaders who left the party in difficult times, Maryam Nawaz said that the entire leadership of the PML-N was thrown into prisons, but no one left Nawaz Sharif.
“Even today, the party members stand with Nawaz Sharif like a rock, but when the jackal (Imran Khan) faced difficult times, he started begging the United States,” she said in her address.
She praised her father Nawaz Sharif, who she said made the country invincible, and saluted the national security institutions and the Pakistan Army for protecting it.
“History bears witness that Nawaz Sharif conducted atomic explosions without any delay and made the country’s defence invincible. The world, not just Clinton, tried to pressure us not to conduct nuclear tests but Nawaz Sharif did not buckle under the pressure and conducted atomic explosions because brave nations are led by brave leaders,” she added.
Maryam further said that Nawaz Sharif will return to power, and the journey of progress, which was disrupted by conspiracies, will resume from where it left off. –Agencies