CUC Prof. highlights Chinese Media system, progress

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: The 2nd session of the Online Internship Program organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad for students and researchers of International Relations and related fields was held on Tuesday. The theme for the second week of the internship program is “China and The Belt & Road Initiativeâ€
The session was commenced with the opening remarks of Lt Col Khalid Taimur Akram (retd), Executive Director, CGSS who welcomed the esteemed guest speaker from China and highlighted that this internship program will prove to be an avenue of further cooperation with the Communication University of China.
Mr. Deqiang Ji, Vice Dean of Institute for Community with Shared Future, Communication University China was the speaker for this session. He gave an informative presentation on the Media System in China and stated that China media system is the most advanced media systems across the globe.
He also discussed the statistics of media outlets, both print and electronic, in China, which he had compiled himself. He also highlighted effective reforms and the process of opening up of Chinese media in last few decades.
He very comprehensively explained the division of labor for media mechanism in China. Moving further he elucidated on the concept of absolute leadership over ideology, content and personnel.
Mr. DeqiangJished light upon the role of traditional media and also explained the evolution of modern media in China. He stated that the modern media has enhanced connectivity for diffusion of information and building social relations. He further mentioned that some of the top Chinese social media applications are being used worldwide, thereby, increasing social connectivity globally.
The lecture was followed by the interactive session in which Mr.Deqiang Ji interacted with the participants from diverse background of social sciences and addressed their queries.The session was moderated by Ms. Minahil Afridi, Internship Coordinator CGSS.
It is note-worthy that students from all across Pakistan are enrolled in this Online Internship Program. This program will prove to be a milestone for the students of International Relations as it is helping them in understanding foreign policy and important analytical skills that will help them academically and professionally.