CTD Faisalabad thwarts terror bid, arrests two TTP suspects

FAISALABAD: The counter-terrorism department (CTD) arrested two suspected Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorists and recovered explosives from their possession.
The CTD said the terrorists were nabbed while on their way on Satiana Road to carry out a terrorist attack at a sensitive installation in the city.
Three kilogrammes of explosives, two detonators and other equipment was also recovered from their possession.

At least six suspected TTP terrorists were killed over the past two months by the CTD in the city.

Four suspected TTP terrorists were shot dead on November 26 during an exchange of gunfire in Faisalabad, a CTD spokesperson said.

In another search operation on Decimeter 2, three suspected TTP terrorists were killed near Sandil Bar area in Faisalabad, while two others managed to escape.

The CTD recovered explosives and weapons from the terrorists’ possession in both operations.