Cross-border trade with Myanmar on the rise

Yunnan: China’s cross-border trade with Myanmar is gaining momentum in the wake of the government’s latest measures.
From Feb 14 to 27, the number of people crossing the border between Southwest China’s Yunnan province and Myanmar hit 324,000. There were 87,000 vehicles.
During the period, daily visits of people hit 25,000, and vehicles hit 7,000, representing respective growth of 6,000 and 2,000 from early February.
It is projected that within the upcoming five to seven days, the figure will hit its first-quarter peak.
In Ruili, a border city in Yunnan, the daily count of vehicles and people crossing the border will hit 45,000 and 12,000 after five to seven days.
Border authorities in Ruili have strengthened their quarantine measures and supervision to maintain sanitation and prevent disease. – Agencies