Cracks in top Afghan leadership over Ghani’s submission to India, US


  • Vice President Rashid Dostum much annoyed with Ghani over anti-Pakistan, pro India policy
  • Dostum sees Indian moves as projects against the interests of people of Afghanistan and to harm Afghanistan’s relations with its neighbors.
  • MP Zahir Qadir strongly criticized Ghani govt for shutting eyes over US support to Daesh forces in Afghanistan
  • Dostum hits Ghani govt hard over Indian’s immense interference in Afghan affairs, launching of anti-Pakistan projects in Bamyan province
  • Qadir shows video evidences of US support to Daesh in Afghanistan


special-reportFrom John Nelson

KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s sudden charm for India and his ignorance of the US support to Deash  militants in his country has started surfacing among top leadership at Kabul, The Daily Mail has learnt.

Well placed sources at the Presidential Palace here on condition of anonymity, revealed that General Rashid Dostum , who was once considered a very pro-Indian Afghan warlord, has been objecting very strongly to interference of India in Afghanistan.

These sources further say that there had been heated debates between Ghani and Dostum over the construction of Parliament building for Afghanistan by Indian government. He believes that this gesture of India was just based on comprehensively bugging the Afghan Parliament House to have very easy access to every proceeding of Afghani Parliament. Dostum, at one occasion argued with Ghani that while over half of the population of India was living in slums and on footpaths,  far below poverty line with Indian government not being able to do anything for them, why New Delhi was being so generous on Afghanistan? He argued that this gesture was merely based on ill intentions of Delhi.

Dostum, who, decades back, was considered as a very pro-India commander of the Northern Alliance when Taliban were having  their government installed in Afghanistan, over the past few years, got sort of converted and started opposing growing Indian interference in Afghanistan. He has been strongly opposing  the growing RAW-NDS nexus that was not only harming the interests of people of Afghanistan but was also becoming a strong cause of regional instability. Sources say that Dostum has also been a very strong opponent of electricity project by India in Afghanistan’s Bamyan Province. Dostum has been arguing that this project was less for the betterment of the people of Afghanistan and actually more  focused against the interests of Pakistan. Dostum insisted that the project was bound to decrease the flow of river waters to Pakistan that could generate very serious implications at Islamabad and could jeopardize Afghanistan-Pakistan ties and subsequently emerge as a major blockade in the furthering of bilateral ties between Kabul and Islamabad.

The sources also told The Daily Mail that Dostum has been very strongly opposing the purchase of weapons by Indians in Afghanistan from foreign suppliers as part of an official deals.  He believes that those weapons won’t be shifted to India after purchase in Afghanistan but would actually be spread across Afghanistan and would very seriously deteriorate the  safety and security of the people of Afghanistan at first place and would eventually lead to Afghan-based militancy in the region.

These sources told The Daily Mail further that it is not only Dostum who is against the ongoing policies of Afghan President but many other members of Afghan Parliament are also very critical about this state of affairs as they believe that the situation is very much against the interests of people of Afghanistan whom they represent. This makes them develop a very strong belief that the majority of the general public across Afghanistan is very much disturbed by these affairs. According to these sources, one such name is that of Haji Zahir Qadir, first deputy of the Lower House of Parliament or Wolesi Jirga who has been accusing the National Security Council (NSC) for supporting the Islamic State or Daesh. Though After Qadir first brought up the issue, the Minister of Interior Noor-ul-haq Olomi and Afghanistan’s Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Qadam Shah Shahim called the comments as “irresponsible”, yet, Zahir Qadir, Member of Majlis Sana from Nangarhar , at one stage went on to show the video evidences to Majlis that proved US Choppers were taking supplies for Daesh militants in Nangarhar. Qadir argues why President Ghani had surrendered to the US in this regard and why was he shutting his eyes from this state of affairs that were taking place right under his nose? Qadir, who has strong backing of a reasonable number of Afghani Parliamentarians, says that how can Ghani claim of being the custodian of the safety and security of the people of Afghanistan when he was letting the support and supplies reaching Daesh fighters who were set to to play havoc with both life and property of the people of Afghanistan in future if the things continue to go on like this. It remains a fact that Qadir’s men killed four Daesh militants sometimes back and after beheading them, placed their heads on a public place and the development was much lauded by Afghan masses. However, later when President Ghani announced that he will ensure exemplary punishment for those who killed the above mentioned four mercenaries,  it earned him an unprecedented wrath from the general public .

Political observers here believe that this surfacing of dents amongst top Afghani leaders indicate that Ghani and Co is losing the confidence of the people of Afghanistan and there could be some major political jolts at Kabul very soon.