Crackdown launched against filling stations creating artificial fuel crisis in KP


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Saturday initiated a series of crackdowns against fueling stations participating in creating an artificial petrol shortage in the province.

According to details, petrol pump owners, organisational officers and fuel stations were fined and warned all over the province after being found guilty of hoarding petrol.

319 fuel station were booked by the authorities for hoarding petrol out a total 414 visited by various teams constituted by the government to probe the matter.

159 filling stations have been warned for selling petrol at higher rates than the ones determined by the government of Pakistan, failiure to heed the warning may have the station’s license revoked.

A report on actions taken against such fuel stations also mentioned that dozens of pumps were also penalised with hefty fines in access of Rs100,000.