CPEC to help improve livestock sector in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Various projects initiated under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will prove beneficial in promoting trade between the two neighbouring countries in the livestock and agriculture sectors, WealthPK reports.
China will help Pakistan to establish farms for the cultivation of high-yield chillies. China will also help Pakistani farmers to produce embryos of cows with a larger quantity of milk. The joint initiative has an initial export potential of $500 to $550 million.
The Chinese government has chosen two companies for the CPEC projects in the agriculture and livestock sectors. Litong has been chosen for agricultural projects and Royal Company for those in the livestock sector.
It has been planned to improve technical exchange and seed production, animal and poultry breeding, agriculture product processing and post-harvest management under the CPEC projects.
Dr Saiful Mujjahid, an economist, told WealthPK that poor seed quality, a lack of modern agricultural practises, low yields and a shortage of qualified farm labourers were affecting the agriculture and livestock sectors in Pakistan. He said that the country needed agricultural and livestock research to boost the production of goods and improve their quality for the purpose of export.
China has more expertise in agriculture than Pakistan. Pakistan should get benefit from it by incorporating farming methods and raising awareness among local farmers to boost yields of different crops and vegetables.
Compound planting and greenhouses are Chinese agricultural innovations that are ideal for Pakistani crops. Pakistan should use green pesticides and organic fertilisers to reduce pollution caused by agricultural sources. The country needs to enhance the genetic diversity of the cows used for dairy farming. It requires better embryos for high-yield milk and the long lives of animals.
“Pakistan offers perfect conditions for growing chillies. We should cultivate more chillies in a smaller space with the aid of Chinese businesses by utilising better farming methods, the most recent research and better seeds. This might open up further export opportunities for Pakistan,” said Dr Saif.
He said that under the CPEC framework, Chinese companies in collaboration with Fauji Fertiliser Corporation would set up factories to produce pesticides as well as livestock and poultry feed in Allama Iqbal Special Economic Zone in Faisalabad. –INP