CPEC faces mega threat from Indian


  • Ajit Doval creating Pakistan-China specific Intelligence cadre
  • Move to enable Indian NSA to have virtual control of India’s Intelligence mechanism
  • Doval sent proposal to PMO in January after detailed prior discussion with Premier Modi
  • NSA’s concept paper suggested raising new intelligence cadre to operate under NSCS on US pattern
  • New Intelligence cadre to have fresh specialist recruits from open market while selected IPS officers also to be inducted
  • IPS officers joining RAW had no option of going back to parent cadre while new service will provide this option
  • New intelligence component to feed all the three existing Indian intelligence outfits
  • Open market recruitments being made out of terror specialists of TTP, ETIM, former Afghan NDS personnel
  • Move pushed to fast track after Pakistani authorities started exposing RAW involvement in terror across Pakistan


special-reportFrom Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma
NEW DELHI- China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is facing a brand new security threat and the region braces for new intelligence coated terror influx as Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval is launching a new Intelligence outfit of India that would be planning and executing operations, specific for China and Pakistan, especially targeting CPEC, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.
The investigations indicate that soon after US Secretary of State John Kerry Snubbed Indian Premier Modi for RAW hand in terror across Pakistan,on the credible evidences provided to the US by Pakistani authorities, Ajit Kumar Doval held a detailed meeting with Modi and both agreed that a new Intelligence Cadre be created for operations against Pakistan as RAW was getting too exposed in this direction. According to sources at PMO, Modi asked Doval to send a detailed proposal to PMO to materialize this plan.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that following this meeting, Modi from the platform of National security Council Secretariat (NSCS), sent a concept paper to PMO in the 2nd week of January this year, suggesting to raise a new cadre of Intelligence as the first attempt at restructuring the security architecture since 1968, when the external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) was carved out of the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the Department of Personnel and Training was initially tasked with writing the policy paper but the same was later shifted to the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) that is directly under the Prime Minister’s Office.

These investigations indicate that Doval, in his proposal suggested that since the plan to have a dedicated intelligence cadre had been borrowed from Western countries like the US, where the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency draw their resources directly from the open market. The recruitments in the new intelligence agency should also be made from the open market but including the recruits from other countries as well while the core wing would be established by inducting scrutinized officers from Indian Police Service (IPS). Not only this, but these inducted IPS officers, unlike RAW’s RAS Cadre, would have the option of returning to IPS after a certain period as they would be inducted on deputation basis.
In his proposal, Doval had suggested that the new cadre will help deal with the challenges technology is posing to the current crop of intelligence officials as after the attack on Mumbai on 26/11 Indian intelligence agencies have been looking at ways to deal with technological challenges. “From working on cyber security to analyzing big data, are some of the challenges that they have grappled with to keep up with its counter terrorism efforts”, the Doval proposal said.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that since Doval plans to induct certain former officials of Afghan Intelligence NDS, operators of TTP and functionaries of ETIM as well as many other foreign elements from media in the new agency, he has suggested that the open market recruitments may be made by special provisions and amendments in relevant laws and the recruits may be provided Indian nationalities as well.

Ajit Kumar Doval has sought special support of the Prime Minister to raise the new cadre of spies drawn from the government and the open market to create a pool of the best talent available, without making the administrative mistakes that were committed while creating the Research and Analysis Service (RAS) Cadre for RAW. Doval has also suggested that the command of India’s intelligence mechanism be shifted from Cabinet Secretariat to National Security Council Secretariat for more effective and productive handling of the mechanism while the new Intel cadre has been straightaway suggested to be placed under the PMO via the NSCS.

“It was noticed that those being drawn in from other services like the Indian Police Service (IPS) would have an option of going back to their parent cadres. But the RAS had no such option and this created anomalies in career progression,” says a former RAW Chief, while commenting over the issue in Indian media.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that since Doval himself is a veteran IPS cop, he believes that the IPS officials must be kept in the new agency as the core command as they are the best top devise and perceive the plans required to be executed by the new agency recruits. Sources familiar to the affairs at NSCS say that though the actual initial and ultimate strength of the new agency is yet highly classified, yet Doval has shortlisted some 300 IPS officers as initial and core members of the new setup. These sources say that many of these shortlisted IPS officers have already been sent on short courses to learn different regional languages including Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto, Farsi, Gilgiti, Balochi, Mandarin, Uygurs’ Turkic, Kazik, Russian etc with different dialects.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate the suggestion of inductions of foreign elements and introduction of the above mentioned language courses clearly indicate that Doval’s proposed new intelligence outfit is going to have a major focus on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. For quite some time, RAW has been engaging in China’s Xinjiang province and kept organizing incidents of terror and violence over there via training, funding and arming the East Trukistan Islamic Movement (ETIM). Xinjiang area is the region from where CPEC eventually enters into Pakistan via Gilgit-Baltistan and Hunza areas. Chinese authorities have recently increased security measures in Xinjiang, especially in Kashghar and Urumqi areas and have tightened vigilance along China-Vietnam border area after learning about RAW backing of ETIM. Chinese authorities also arrested a group of militants recently for planning to hijack a passenger plane from Urumqi. It is worth mentioning here that hijacking has always been a favorite subject for Doval and he, along with B. Raman, a former top RAW official, executed many hijacking dramas to achieve their goals with latest taking place in late 90s when an Indian passenger plane was hijacked and taken to Kandahar for glamorizing certain unknown and Doval backed fake jihadis. It is also pertinent to mention here that Indians have indirectly been threatening China of getting ready to face utmost security threats for investing in Pakistan via CPEC. For instance, the day Chinese President Xi Jinping reached Pakistan on State visit to formally inaugurate CPEC, the Indian media, through a motivated campaign, released special news reports, glorifying the militant might of TTP and ‘announced’ that the TTP terrorists had attained the capability to manufacture shoulder-mounted missile. It was a sort of warning to the Chinese leadership. Later when a Pakistan army helicopter crashed due to entirely technical reasons, it was the Indian media that straightaway emerged as spokesperson for TTP and tried to portray that the tragic crash was actually shooting down of chopper by TTP via said missile. On the other hand, RAW enhanced subversive activities in Baluchistan. It was for the first time in the history that the Chinese government officially warned Pakistan about RAW’s terror plans against CPEC and also expressed concerned over deteriorating security situation in Baluchistan that holds the end point of CPEC at Gawadar port.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that as Pakistan’s Army Chief, Chief of ISI, Foreign Secretary and the media started floating very strong evidence of deep RAW involvement in terrorism across Pakistan, Ajit Doval stressed upon Modi to launch the new unit as RAW was getting over-exposed in Pakistan and thus got Modi approval for informal floating of the said new agency. Investigations further indicate that after nod from Premier, Doval handpicked a reasonable number of IPS officers and has covertly organized their language courses while they will start performing duties at their new appointments soon and the same will be announced after formal announcement is made by the government.
The Daily Mail has also obtained a list of some of the IPS officers that Doval has handpicked for the new job . The list is as under:
Shri Anto Alphones
Shri Atul Kumar
Shri Deshraj Singh
Shri Chinmoy Biswal
Shri Pankaj Kumar Singh
Shri Jasmeet Singh
Shri Munna Prasad Gupta
Shri Manish Kumar Singhal
Shri Tamanidhar Barua
Shri Prabin Ch Saikia
Shri K K Sarma
Shri Jalli Ajoy Kumar
Shri Pratul Ch Phukan
Shri Vijaya Krishna Ramisetti
Shri Subrajyoti Hazarika
Shri Satyen Gogoi
Ms R R Rajeswari
Shri Koya Praveen
Shri Bhaskar Bhushan
Shri Ambarkishor Jha
Shri Manoj Nath
Shri Joginder Kumar Khanna
Shri Neelmani
Shri Uday Shankar Dutta
Shri Abhay Anand
Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta
Shri R C Sinha
Shri Rajiv Ranjan Verma
Shri Sunit Kumar
Shri Raj Bardhan Sharma
Shri N C Dhondhial
Shri Paras Nath Rai
Dr A K Seth
Shri A K Upadhyay
Dr Krishna Swaroop Dwivedi
Shri Ravindra Kumar
Shri Kumar Rajesh Chandra
Shri Ajay Kumar Verma
Shri Rakesh Kumar Mishra
Shri Ashok Kumar Verma
Shri Dinesh Singh Bisht
Shri Gupteshwar Pandey
Shri Arvind Pandey Pradhan
Shri Alok Raj
Smt Shobha Ohatker
Shri Rajwinder Singh Bhatti
Shri Neeraj Sinha
Shri Vinay Kumar
Shri Praveen Vashista
Smt Preeta Verma
Shri Raghuvansh Prasad Yadav
Shri Raghunath Prasad Singh
Shri Kumund Kumar Verma
Shri Md Shahab Akhtar
Shri Ajit Joy
Shri Satish Kumar
Shri Gopal Prasad
Shri Vinod Kumar Choudhary
Shri Kunwar Singh
Shri Upendra Kumar Sinha
Smt Manju Jha
Shri Ganesh Kumar
Shri S P Shukla
Shri Indranand Mishra
Shri C C Azad
Shri Shalin
Shri Rajesh Kumar
Shri Vinay Kumar
Shri Kshatranil Singh
Shri M Sunil Kumar Naik
Shri Manu Maharaaj
Shri Jitender Rana
Shri Lande Shivdip Wamanrao
Shri Vivek Kumar
Shri Daljeet Singh
Shri Ranjit Kumar Mishra
Smt Kim
Shri Upendra Kumar Sharma
Shri Satya Veer Singh
Shri Vikash Burman
Smt Nitasha Guria
Shri Manoj Kumar
Shri Naveen Chandra Jha
Shri S K Shah
Shri Narendra Kumar
Ms Harpreet Kaur
Shri Pushkar Anand
Shri Jayant Kant
Shri Babu Ram
Shri Ravi Sinha
Shri Mukesh Gupta
Shri Gurjinder Pal Singh
Shri R K Bhediya
Shri Jaideep Singh
Shri D D Chaturvedi

Shri Parvez Hayat
Shri V H Rao Deshmukh
Shri Kamal Nayan Choubey
Shri Niraj Sinha
Shri Rezi Dung Dung
Shri Satya Narayan Pradhan
Shri Ajay Bhatnagar
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh
Shri Anurag Gupta
Shri Anil Palta
Shri Manoj Kumar Mishra
Shri A Natrajan
Shri Prashant Singh
Shri Raj Kumar Mallick
Shri Sashi Nath Jha
Shri Manvinder Singh Bhatia
Shri Vinay Kumar Pandey
Smt Tadasha Mishra
Smt Sampat Meena
Shri Umesh Kumar Singh
Dr Baljit Singh
Shri Sheetal Uraon
Dr Alexander Jacob
Shri P Chandrasekharan
Shri Arun Kumar Sinha
Shri P Vijayanand
Dr Nirmal Chandra Asthana
Shri Rajesh Dewan
Shri Sudesh Kumar
Shri R A Chandra Sekhar
Shri T K Vinod Kumar
Shri Vijay S Sakhare
Shri Rajan Singh
Shri S Sreejith
Shri Gogulothu Lekshman
Shri Sunil Asnani
Shri Tarun Kumar
Shri M Padmanabhan
Smt Harshitam Attaluri
Shri E Divakaran
Shri N Gopalakrishnan
Shri P G Ashok Kumar
Shri M P Dinesh
Shri K J Devasia
Shri C Rajagopal
Shri S Jogesh
Shri George Varghese
Shri Vikramjit Singh
Shri Neeraj Kumar Gupta
Smt Uma
Shri Rahul R Nair
Smt Nishanthini
Shri Putta Vimaladitya
Shri Manjunath
Shri Thomson Jose
Shri A Srinivas
Shri Dipak Ranjan
Shri T K Shibu
Shri K K Balachandran
Shri K P Philip
Shri M N Nagaraj
Dr Sukhwinder Singh
Shri R G Kadam
Shri C H Wakade
Shri V R Chavan
Shri C G Daithankar
Shri A V Patil
Shri P N Raskar
Shri D M Phadtare
Shri S S Solunkhe
Shri F K Patil
Shri S E Shinde
Shri R S Khaire
Shri S T Bodkhe
Shri S D Trymbake
Shri Krishna Prakash
Shri Deepak Pandey
Shri K R Shelar
Shri S R Shelar
Shri V M Jadhav
Shri P S Patankar
Shri V N Jadhav
Shri N P Mhaske
Shri R D Shinde
Shri K E Jadhav
Shri P R Dighavkar
Shri M S Lohiya
Shri R P Sengaonkar
Shri Sandip Bhimrao Patil
Shri Abhinash Kumar
Shri Rajeev Jain
Shri Ishu Sindhu MH 2007 25/12/1977 RR
Shri Hiremath Sudhir Kallaya
Shri Trimukhe Abhishek Bhagwan
Smt Manita Malik
Shri Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Smt Jyoti Priya Singh
Shri Paramjit
Shri Praveen Sharma
Shri Habeeb Khan Gauran
Shri Veerbhan Ajwani
Shri Prem Prakash Tak
Shri Balmukund Verma
Shri Hari Prasad Sharma
Shri Satya Veer Singh
Shri Sawai Singh Chaudhary
Shri Rajesh Meena
Shri Kailash Chandra Bishnoi
Shri Amandeep Singh Kapoor
Smt Mamta Bishnoi
Shri Ravi
Smt Lovely Katiyar
Shri Harendra Kumar Mahawer
Shri Rahul Katakey
Smt Priti Chandra
Shri Ms Shaveta Dhankhar
Shri Yogesh Yadav
Shri P K Choudhary
Shri Ajay Singh
Smt Preeti Jain
Shri Kuwar Rastradeep
Shri Avinash Mohananey
Shri A Shankar Rao
Shri Vinayak Vineet
Shri Ashwani Kumar Chand
Shri Rajiv Ranjan
These are merely a few names from the entire list of Doval’s shortlisted IPS officers for the new intelligence setup and they would be absorbed in the new cadre with option to return to the PSP cadre after a prescribed period. The Daily Mail posses complete list and all the relevant details of these officers.
Security analysts say that though the move by India indicates that Delhi is not exactly creating a new intelligence agency but it is going to be a rather organized terror outfit. They at the same time say that this could also be a bid to discredit Pakistan’s claims of RAW involvement in terror incidents across country as sooner there would be no involvement of RAW but the same agenda would be executed by the new agency, of which the formal name is yet to be disclosed.