CPC unveils plan to boost education spirit

BEIJING: The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council have unveiled a guideline on strengthening education on the hardworking spirit among students in universities, secondary and primary schools in the new era.
Education on the hardworking spirit is an important part of the socialist education system with Chinese characteristics. While progress has been made in terms of such education, the unique value of the hardworking spirit has still been overlooked in recent years. As a result, some teenagers don’t cherish the fruits of hard work and are incapable of or not interested in working hard.
The whole Party and society must pay close attention to education on the hardworking spirit and take effective measures to strengthen such education, the guideline said.
Stressing the importance of full understanding of the new requirements for strengthening such education and cultivating the younger generation to join the socialist cause, the guideline called for students to be taught to respect work and be trained in the scientific spirit.
Students should acquire basic working skills for livelihood and individual development, and form good working habits through such education, the guideline said.
Specifically, young children in primary school should learn to take care of themselves in daily life and understand that everyone needs to work. Older children in primary school should help parents do housework and learn to cooperate with others while working. –Agenices