‘CPC supports building Pak-China community of shared future in new era’

ISLAMABAD: Friends of BRI Forum- an initiative by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies organized a special webinar on “100 Years of Communist Party of China: Views from the Globe†to raise awareness on a century of accomplishments of CPC in building China, among the global audience. Through an intellectual discourse, speakers of the Webinar shared their views about the exceptional development and prosperity CPC has brought to China. Panelists joining from different parts of the world shared their views about how CPC has brought strength, wisdom, and vision to China to succeed at the national, regional, and global scale.
While moderating the session, Farhat Asif, President of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) highlighted the aims and objectives of the Friends of BRI Forum. She said that this forum aims to find and build connections among different stakeholders, highlight the significance of BRI, and assist President Xi Jinping’s larger vision of building a community of shared future for mankind. A special congratulatory message from Ms. Zheng Wei, Secretary-General, The Good Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation Committee (GNFCC) of SCO was read at the start of the webinar. While speaking on the occasion, Ms. Pang Chunxue, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Pakistan, shared that CPC has made China the 2nd largest economy in the world through a historic transformation by using a people-centered approach. She said that CPC supports the China-Pak community of shared future in the new era. Mr.Tao Tao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, shed light on the four important contours of CPC’s history of the past century, while Dr.Harvey Dzodin, Senior Fellow, Center for China and Globalization & former Political Appointee in Jimmy Carter Administration, USA, said that no system is flawless but a system can be best suited for a certain country, as CPC is for China. Song Ronghua, Former Consul General of China & Founder of Silk Road Cities Alliance, China, shared an interesting factual short video conducted by China Daily with the attendants of the webinar. Ulf Sandmark, Chairman, Schiller Institute in Sweden & Chairman, Belt and Broad Institute, Sweden, expressed that China is already a global champion to eradicate poverty, and promoting health and education. Dr. Upendra Gautam, Director of China Study Center, Nepal, shared his views on the basics of CPC. Dr. Luo Chuanyu, Deputy Dean, China-ASEAN Research Institute, Guangxi University, China, highlighted CPC’s great assessment of party diplomacy and emphasized the role of political parties as an important force. Mr. Indranada Abeysekera, Founder & President- Association for Sri Lanka-China Social & Cultural Cooperation, Sri Lanka, pointed out the 11 reasons for the success of CPC while mentioning the positive attributes of CPC. Prof Dr. Zahid Anwar, Director, China Study Center & Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, talked about how China has made huge contributions to the development of human civilization over the years. While presenting his academic view, Dr. Wang Li, Professor, Security, and Diplomacy, School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University, China, talked about his personal experience and academic understanding about CPC and highlighted the successful leadership of Xi Jingping that has led China to where it is today. A large number of media persons, journalists, students, and academicians from different parts of the world attended the webinar. – PR