CPC intolerant over officials neglecting citizens

BEIJING: The ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a test of Communist Party of China (CPC) officials. While most are fully devoted to the battle that concerns the people’s life and health, a few have failed to pass the test.
Recently, a number of officials in Hubei, Yunnan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces received disciplinary punishment. They have been found disobeying the unified command, favoring superfluous work styles, passing the buck and neglecting their responsibilities.
As a political party that stresses strict self-governance, the CPC will not tolerate these irresponsible actions. Besides punishing the officials directly involved, the accountability of the principal Party and government officials are also pursued in serious cases.
The epidemic situation remains grim and complex. It is time to test whether the CPC’s political and organizational advantages and close contact with the people can be translated into advantages in curbing the epidemic.
The top leadership has made it clear that officials who are inactive or acting erratically, who neither engage themselves nor carry out in-depth work, and who are inept and incompetent, should be held accountable in a timely manner, and those with serious problems should be removed from their posts immediately.
At this critical time, it is the CPC members’ duty to face up to challenges and take their leading roles as scientists, researchers, medical staff, officials, workers, farmers and more. What is needed now is not hollow slogans or personal grandstanding, but concrete actions to solve problems.
In some areas, departments at different levels created all kinds of forms, asking grassroots cadres to fill them out and submit them quickly, although the contents of these forms are almost the same. Such formalistic and bureaucratic methods have increased the burden of grassroots cadres and diverted their efforts from combating the epidemic. –Agencies