Court acquits Ayaz Amir in Sara Inaam murder case

-Unlicensed Kalashnikov recovered from Shahnawaz Amir

By Uzma Zafar

ISLAMABAD: District Session Court Islamabad acquitted journalist Ayaz Amir in the murder case of his daughter-in-law Sara Inaam by his Shah Nawaz Amir.
There is no evidence about Ayaz Amir’s involvement in the murder, the judge said. The police demanded five-day custody of Ayaz Amir to further investigate the murder. While his lawyer argued that the police has not yet provided a legitimate reason for arresting his client.
However, the government lawyer said that Shah Nawaz called Ayaz on WhatsApp after he murdered his wife Sara. Ayaz has been named in the case by Sara’s uncle, who is in Pakistan, he argued.
Sara’s parents have adequate proof against Ayaz, he argued. However, Ayaz Amir’s lawyer argued that can section 109 be applied if a son contacts his father after killing someone. Would the police book everyone who was in touch with Shah Nawaz, he added?
Lawyer Basharatullah argued that Ayaz has been arrested for so many days, his reputation has been damaged, and who is responsible for that? The police are still finding evidence against him and he has already been arrested, he added.
Basharatullah urged the court to release Ayaz Amir from the case.
The government lawyer argued back that WhatsApp calls record cannot be obtained, however, the phone has been sent for forensic investigation.
The court heard arguments from both sides and announced the release of Ayaz Amir from the murder case of his daughter-in-law Sara Inaam. Police on Tuesday recovered an unlicensed Kalashnikov from the custody of Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz in the murder case of Sara Inam.
Last week, Shahnawaz Amir murdered his wife Sara by hitting a dumbbell on her head. He claimed that he killed her in self-defense.
According to police, a handbag of deceased Sara Inam has been recovered from the residence of Shahnawaz in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.
UAE Dirhams, US dollars debit and credit cards have been found in the purse of the deceased. Apart from this, the Mercedes car has also been recovered by the police team during a search operation in Shahnawaz’s House.
The police have failed in recovering the passport and cellphone of Sara Inam, so far.
The police also found unlicensed Kalashnikov from the possession of Shahnawaz, the main suspect in Sara Inam case.
After recovery of the weapon, Shahnawaz Amir has been booked in a separate case at PS Shahzad Town.