Country to ensure air cargo transport

BEIJING: China has been actively making efforts to set up a green channel to facilitate the air cargo transportation of anti-epidemic supplies home and abroad, according to the State Post Bureau.
The State Post Bureau created the green channel through coordinating enterprises in the mail delivery business in multiple methods such as the overseas transfer, increasing charter flights, and opening air routes.
These efforts are sustaining the delivery of China’s domestic medical emergency supplies, daily necessities and express mail in the nationwide joint anti-epidemic fight.
Meanwhile, they are also the back-up in the international prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Major players of China’s air cargo industry, such as SF Airlines, China Postal Airlines and YTO Airlines, are contributing to the anti-epidemic fight home and abroad.
To date, SF Airlines has opened multiple new international cargo air routes and carried around 210 charter flights. From March 1 to 14, cargo flights of the airline sent 108 tonnes of medical and other supplies to 39 countries and regions.
China Postal Airlines had sent 24 charter flights with 42,000 items of airmails, around 292 tonnes. – Agencies