Country suspends mass gatherings, activities

BEIJING: China’s urban and rural community organizations are asked not to hold mass gatherings amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs Thursday. Urban and rural community organizations are asked to join hands with local medical and health institutions to strengthen fever and symptom monitoring for people who return from the epidemic areas and other places, and to urge them to undergo medical observation at home, according to a guideline jointly released by the ministry and the National Health Commission. The guideline requires community organizations to spread knowledge on epidemic prevention and control and release and update local information via WeChat and other platforms in a timely manner. Public places where people gather should be strictly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated, the guideline said, adding that service activities in community libraries, recreation and sports rooms, daycare centers for the elderly and other places will be suspended until the outbreak is over. – The Daily Mail-Global Times News exchange item