Country at tipping point of progress, prosperity: President


By Uzma Zafar
ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday said that Pakistani nation, after passing through a trial and learning a lot from polarization, had now become a mature nation and was at a tipping point of progress and prosperity.
He said Pakistan had also witnessed a political change and respect of the country had increased at the international level. The President was speaking at a two-day conference on “Hum Pakistani” and inauguration of the national Centre for Social Rehabilitation at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). He said the nations needed leadership for their guidance and its great example was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who brought together the Muslims of the Sub-Continent at one platform.
The President said Prime Minister Imran Khan was pleading the case of Pakistani and Muslim Ummah at the international level and his historic speech at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and mediatory role between Saudi Arabia and Iran to defuse tension in Gulf were proof that there was a change in respect of Pakistani nation at internal level. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit to the US highlighted national narrative and negated the notion of Islamic terrorism before the world. He said as the nation was being prepared for a positive change, there was a need to bring about changes in nation’s lives and fully concentrate on moral values and soft-heartedness.
“Those nations are strong whose direction is based on values and we should be honest in our work, dealing and character,” he added. President Alvi said the foundation of Pakistan was laid on democracy and as for as the State was concerned “ We all are equal.”
He said equality and humbleness was need of the hour, adding the tolerance in society with interfaith harmony, would lead Pakistan to a pluralistic and inclusive society. He said Pakistan was moving towards the ideal state of Madina, adding Islamic history was full of examples for interfaith harmony. The President said India was playing with fire by polarizing its society, adding emerging divide in Indian society had once again proved the accuracy of Two-Nation Theory.