Cop arrested as police solve blind murder case

MUZAFFARGARH: Sher Sultan police successfully resolved a blind murder case employing modern technology that led them to none but a man from their own domain, a police constable.

According to details, a shopkeeper Habibullah was shot dead while he was asleep on the roadside in front of his shop at Qadir Pur area of Sheher Sultan on September 14. FIR was registered against unknown accused.

DPO Hassan Iqbal assigned the investigation to SHO Sheher Sultan Malik Khurram Riaz Khar. The SHO employed modern techniques of investigations and with help from forensic science agency he was able to resolve the blind murder case in just 10 days.

Police officials said, they were taken a back to see their own man as the main accused in the case. The accused constable committed the crime in a cunning manner and reported back to the police lines so that no one could cast doubt on him.

However, the evidence that surfaced in course of investigations guided police to the constable Abbas, who has been arrested and put into the lock up.

The DPO commended the SHO on his performance and said that no one was above the law.