Connectivity indispensable element for modern economies: Sanjrani

By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Tuesday highlighted that connectivity was an indispensable element for modern economies, playing a vital role in socio-economic development and the empowerment of communities.
He said this during a meeting with Chairman of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Foundation, Danish A. Lakhani, and Director General of APNIC,Paul Wilson.
The discussion revolved around critical issues pertaining to internet development and connectivity in Pakistan and the broader Asia Pacific region.
The meeting served as a platform for meaningful dialogue on the role that internet connectivity play in today’s world, emphasizing the need to extend this essential service to remote areas of Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan.
Sadiq Sanjrani underscored the significance of IT infrastructure development as a fundamental driver for the nation’s progress, stating that it was crucial to equip the youth with IT-related skills to foster innovation and economic growth.
He commended the tireless efforts of APNIC in strengthening connectivity in Pakistan, recognizing the organization’s commitment to bridging the digital divide.
The chairman highlighted that Pakistan was currently in the process of rolling out 5G Spectrum, expressing hope that this significant advancement would contribute significantly towards generating the much-needed economic activity in Pakistan.
Danish A. Lakhani and Paul Wilson expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a constructive dialogue.
They affirmed APNIC’s commitment to furthering internet development and connectivity in the Asia Pacific region and assured the chairman that APNIC would remain dedicated to working alongside the Government of Pakistan to achieve the objectives.