Concocting the truth from Xinjiang to Wuhan à la Western media

—Leading Western media outlets following certain political agendas against China
—Flood of fake news, fabricated videos trolling social media to disturb, ridicule Chinese nation
—Chinese leadership immensely bashed by West despite brilliant efforts to prevent epidemic spread
—Concocted news, pics being spread in organized manner of unleashing a
psychological warfare
—Photoshop, video editing becoming main war tools against China in hour of immense trauma
—Indian media, political leadership settling scores with China, Pakistan, targeting CPEC exploiting situation
—Hindu Mahasabha says coronavirus angry avatar to teach Chinese a lesson
—Western Media Champions blasting away norms of journalism, respect of humanity in targeting front-line nation in humanity’s fight against deadly virus
—Chinese media, Beijing’s MOFA showing unmatched restraint amidst dirty media conspiracies from West
—Lesser media recognition of China winning virus combat discouraging global zeal, determination against epidemic


From Mahnoor

BEIJING: While China is putting in all-out efforts to save humanity from an epidemic breakout that is apparently being considered to be a natural calamity, the Western and Indian media have opted to twist the arm of Chinese nation and the Chinese leadership in pursuance of their unfinished agendas, by concocting, twisting and fabricating the facts related to the Coronavirus spread, using all available media platforms and misusing all the journalistic privileges, not only causing a lot of discomfort to the nation that is leading this fight to save the global community from this menace but also adding to the efforts for bringing an end to this extremely deadly epidemic, playing havoc with the global human health, reveal the findings of The Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that there had been no single positive report, published, aired or televised by the leading media organizations of the world, comprising mainly the Western media houses from US, UK and Europe, with Indians not falling behind. The findings reveal that all this negativity is going on with synchronized efforts and there appears to be a well-organized campaign in practice, orchestrated by some psychological warfare experts who are constantly feeding their allies in media and social media.
The Daily Mail finds that in the beginning, all efforts were put by these elements to create a chaos and panic across the world through sensational reporting over the virus spread. However, later the efforts were refocused on raising questions on the governance system of China, portraying Chinese leaders and experts as incapable of handling such emergencies etc. while ridiculing Chinese nation over the issue also keeping in exercise. Some psychologists, talking to The Daily Mail said that in such emergencies, the diseases or viruses cause far less damage than what is caused by rumors and twisting of the facts. They said that in cases of the backdrop of Novel Coronavirus, the best thing that could have been done was to spread awareness, hope and determination to fight.
While the worst thing could have been spreading disappointment, fear, fury and not unfolding the positive developments regarding the combat against the epidemic. And it appears that certain media practitioners have been doing completely the other way around till now, presuming it was the best time to help their financers to settle their scores with China and also to have personal appeasement to ridicule the Chinese nation, to overcome self-generated complexes.

The Daily Mail discovers that it was not merely the editorial content or the news content that is being used for these nefarious designs but even the cartoon sections of newspapers, periodicals and light comedy programs of TV media are being used for the purpose. While the use of social media platform is also at its worst ever low,this China bashing by these Western and Indian elements was not merely tuned on political agendas and intelligence methodologies but it also had a racist bias as well.
The Daily Mail finds that these elements, soon after the Wuhan tragedy took place, created atale out of a completely irrelevant video. The purpose of creating this tale was to generate feelings of anguish and disgust about the Chinese nation and making the victim nation accused of the virus attack due to improper eating culture which by no means was theirs. This tale was created by a fabricated video clip, very cunningly edited out of a travelogue on eating culture of a South Pacific region’s State of Palau. This video went viral on social media within hours of its uploading as it emerged as first (though fake) backgrounder on the breakout of Novel Coronavirus. In this video clip, a women was shown consuming some bat soup and it was mentioned in the voice over of the said video clip that the consumer was a Chinese citizen of Wuhan and was consuming the soup of the wild bats and that this wild bat soup was the reason of spread of novel Coronavirus from birds and animals to humans. However, the truth was completely to the contrary. The truth was that the video footage, misused in the said clip, was from a Chinese TV show, titled ”Universal Travel” produced by a Chinese TV host Wang Mengyun in 2016 and was absolutely not shot in 2020, nor it was recorded in China, but was actually filmed in 2016 in Palau, a country near Australia.
Wang Mengyun was recording a travel show in Palau at the time. The bat soup in the video was not a Chinese food, but a daily cuisine of the locals. And the bat used for the soup is the fruit-eating bats, not wild one, commonly used by the locals, not Chinese. Ms. Wang Mengyun graduated from Hangzhou Normal University in Broadcasting Hosting and Arts. She was the host of the Qianjiang channel of Zhejiang TV Station. After resigning in 2015, she started her own company to produce travel programs. It remains a fact that strange wild animals like bats have never been considered as a source of food by the Chinese, nor liked by the Chinese.
On the other side, French media came up with the idea of exploiting the situation for racist design and started coming up with headlines like ‘Yellow Alert’, to elaborate Coronavirus spread while their colleagues in German media used the theme of ridiculing China by publishing headlines like “Coronavirus, Made in China” with US publishers taking the lead by coming up with headlines like “China is the Real Sick man of Asia’ while some of the sick media in Denmark, mainly infamous for publishing blasphemous cartoons to hurt the sentiments of Muslims, this time opted to have a take on China and published a cartoon of China’s national flag, replacing the five stars on the flag with five images, depicting Coronavirus.
As, if it was not enough by these Sick media outlets and retarded individuals from the West, the Indians also decided to settle their scores with China, following the Chanakya philosophy of ‘Kick the enemy when he is down’. First the Indian media circus jokers started ridiculing Chinese nation over the ailment, then they started reproducing similar content of their allies in Western media, and finally, when the WHO and Chinese government were appealing for no evacuations of foreigners from Wuhan city.
Indian leadership came up with the idea of killing two birds with one stone and announced that India was ready to evacuate Pakistani students from Wuhan. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the idea was sent to New Delhi by the headquarters of Indian intelligence agency the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and was approved by Indian Premier’s National Security Advisor, Ajit Kumar Doval. The purpose was to exploit the situation for fueling anti-China feelings amongst Pakistanis for keeping Pakistani Students stranded in China and also to add to the troubles of Pakistan government with ultimate aim to get a negative impact on CPEC.
The Daily Mail finds that when all such bogus attempts failed to derail China’s efforts to strongly combat the epidemic spread yet another attempt was made to malign the image of the Chinese government and to spread a comprehensive panic amongst the Chinese nation by another Novel concoction and editing of a video of some other event, to portray it to be related to Coronavirus episode.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that this attempt was also a two-pronged bid as the perpetuators wanted to spread a wave of panic amongst the people of China and on the other hand they wanted to make the world believe that Chinese leadership was as much cruel and was having such a draconian approach towards its people that they had actually started shooting down their own people, found infected with virus, instead of rescuing them.
A video was uploaded to circulate on social media platforms, including Twitter. This 21-second clip shows three policemen getting off a car licensed G1796 and walking into a residential neighborhood with guns. The latter part of the footage showed medical staff conducting first aid on wounded civilians lying on the ground. The G1796 car is believed to belong to the Police Bureau of Yiwu, a city in east China’s Zhejiang Province.
However the conspiracy was nipped by China’s CGTN TV’s professional team on February 13, when a CGTN field team reached out to the Police Bureau, which confirmed that the policemen are among their ranks, but condemned the video as misleading since the policemen had been dispatched to deal with a rabid dog, not civilians as the video suggested.
An official statement from the police said “At 11:37 a.m. on February 1, Yiwu Police received a report from civilians asking for help to handle a ravenous dog, which had been hurting people in Futian neighborhood.
The bureau dispatched three armed policemen with protective gear, including for protection against the novel Coronavirus, to the site.
The policemen shot the dog after evaluating the danger, it imposed on humans. The video circulating online pieced together different clips including the part of police armed with guns with other irrelevant footage, and it was edited with malicious intent, the police stressed.
“Only a small part of the video circulating online is relevant to us, and the footage has been taken by people who were watching from far away,” said Gong Longfei, a policeman of the Yiwu Police Bureau.
The latter part of the footage is of a traffic accident in Wuzu Township in Hubei Province.Li Huanyu, a policeman with Wuzu Police Bureau said that 15-year-old Liu took his cousin on the motorcycle and due to a wrong operation, the vehicle rammed into the cemented curb in the afternoon on January 29.
The Daily Mail found that on the contrary, Chinese government and Chinese media did opt to go for a tit for tat approach to this, otherwise highly irritating and disturbing mischief at this particular juncture of time, though this series of fabrication and deceit started annoying them from Hong Kong to Xinjiang and now from Xinjiang to Wuhan.
There was a dubious report on some website of Korean origin that displayed a news that China had doubts that US Consulate in Wuhan was involved in the virus spread and much more. Citing certain Russian sources, the report claimed the novel Coronavirus spread was part of an undeclared biological attack on China. However, when The Daily Mail sent an official query over it to Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a senior official of the Chinese MOFA official Zhao Lijian refused to confirm the content of the report and termed it fake straightaway, without finding it to be an opportunity to pay back the West in the same coin. Similarly, none of the Chinese media outlets or individual came up with any irresponsible reporting to with any content in retaliation.
The Daily Mail’s investigations found that despite the fact that the ratio of the recovery of infected patients outside Hubei province is constantly on the rise since 3rd February, none from the Western or Indian media reported this crystal clear window of hope and confirmation of China starting to win this humanity’s combat against virus.
According to the latest available statistics, 68,584 cases of virus infections have been reported in China so far with 510 in other countries, causing 1666 deaths but with 9419 being cured and fully recovered so far.