COMSATS hosts largest number of Chinese Ph.D alumni: Rector

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: COMSATS University (CUI), as per the Rector Prof Dr. Tabassum Afzal, is hosting the largest number of Chinese Ph.D. Alumni.
A report of Daily Times states that CUI currently employs over 170 faculty members who are alumni of Chinese universities working full time in CUI. In addition, more than 140 faculty members from CUI are presently pursuing PhDs in various top-ranked universities of China. Ali Tawab Balouch, Head of CSC informed that over 500 more scholars are expected to travel to China from COMSATS University in the next 5 years for their Masters or Ph.D. CUI was a pioneer in establishing a China Study Center in Islamabad, which has been instrumental in building linkages with Chinese Universities and enhancing the interest in Study in China among faculty members and students, said Mr. Tawab.
Faculty members from all seven campuses of CUI were connected remotely through video link and expressed the status of their research. Prof. Afzal opined that China is a strategic partner of Pakistan and the support of the Chinese Government has been instrumental in meeting the human resource development needs of COMSATS University.
While sharing his vision Prof. Afzal said alumni of Chinese Universities should work in partnership with their Chinese counterparts and tap their Chinese collaborators for joint research opportunities on projects that are pertinent to the global development agenda, while addressing local needs.