Commodity supercycle, macroeconomic challenges keep businesses depressed in 2022

ISLAMABAD: Macroeconomic challenges, the rupee’s depreciation versus the US dollar and rising commodity prices globally kept the business environment depressed in Pakistan during the year 2022, said Muhammad Asif, the Finance Manager at Ocean Securities Private Limited, during an exclusive interview with WealthPK.
WealthPK: How is your firm impacted by uncertain economic landscape locally and globally?
Muhammad Asif: Rising prices of commodities worldwide, high inflation rate at home and continuing political unrest have dwindled companies’ profits.
However, Ocean Securities Private Limited has made every effort to continue serving its customers when the world is greatly impacted by economic, political and social challenges. The company takes pains in enabling its customers to pick the right stocks for investment.
WealthPK: What steps does a business have to take to stay aloft when the market is low?
Muhammad Asif: The ability of an organisation to grow is heavily influenced by the supply and demand situation. Increased demand for goods and services gives an opportunity to a company to expand, adding employees and expanding capacity to meet the demand. On the other hand, excessive supply and weak demand lead businesses to cut costs by closing plants and laying off employees. To expand steadily and sustainably, businesses must strike the right balance.
WealthPK: How does your company sustain loyal clients?
Muhammad Asif: The company has the best governance model and employs the best social and environmental practices throughout its operations. We are able to execute our orders, transactions and private placements quickly and efficiently for a broad range of institutional and retail clients.
WealthPK: What are the main factors affecting the stock market?
Muhammad Asif: The regulatory framework and information openness of our stock market aren’t strong enough to win over investors’ trust and create a solid foundation for accurate data analysis. Moreover, neither the government nor the State Bank is interested in building a stable market that would produce the desired results for investors. Additionally, investors lack the fundamental and technical expertise of the capital market, and thus aren’t able to extract the desired profits.

About the company

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