CM Buzdar blames opposition parties for politicising COVID-19 issue

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar on Monday has criticized opposition parties for playing politics on the coronavirus issue in the country.

“Coronavirus outbreak is joint challenge for the globe”, CM Usman Buzdar said in his statement issued here from Lahore, Monday.

He regretted that opposition is politicising the national issue of coronavirus outbreak and added that government has taken concrete steps to halt the spread of the deadly virusin the country.

Buzdar said the opposition parties are not doing anything piratical rather than turning the canons of criticism towards the incumbent government.

The chief minister said his government has announced best package for the daily wage workers.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar had directed to undertake all necessary measures to bring stability in the prices of essential edibles, including flour.

He had directed Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to launch crackdown on hoarders and illegal profiteers and take indiscriminate stern action against them.

The chief minister asserted that all administrative powers should be exercised to ensure provision of essential items to the people at fixed rates.