Chinese medical experts arrive in Venezuela

CARACAS: A team of Chinese medical and scientific experts arrived in Venezuela to help fight COVID-19, welcomed by Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza and Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela Li Baorong.
Arreaza thanked the Chinese government and people for sending “this huge plane full of solidarity,” after the aircraft landed at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in the city of Maiquetia. “The first mission of medical specialists, doctors and scientists from China has arrived here in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Venezuela is its first destination,” Arreaza said. “With the experience that China has been able to gather in recent months, we know that many lives will be saved,” said the minister, adding that the country now can apply “the best strategies” to contain the pandemic. China also sent quick test kits to rapidly verify infections, a capability Arreaza called “essential” to limiting the number of infections. The delegation comprises specialists in “infectious diseases, intensive care, laboratory testing and even traditional Chinese medicine, which has had very good results in mild cases of coronavirus,” said Arreaza. The head of the Chinese delegation, Huang Mao, thanked the Venezuelan hosts for the welcome, saying that “we are going to share our experience and knowledge with all the Venezuelan people.” Li, the Chinese ambassador, said the mission was sent by the Chinese government “with affection and brotherhood” to show “solidarity and support for the Venezuelan government and people in the battle against the coronavirus.” –Agenices