Chinese Investment in Gwadar termed crucial

An aerial view of the Gawadar Port.

ISLAMABAD: The renowned Baloch tribal chief, social and political activist Sardar Saeed Ahmad Jan Lango recently pointed out that China’s presence in Balochistan, as well as Pakistan, is crucial. In a recent interview, Sardar Saeed Ahmed Jan expressed high concern over the increase in terrorist activities in Balochistan while reiterating his desire to fully resume development activities of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.
Responding to a question about his recent visit to China about Chinese future development prospects in Baluchistan viz a viz Pakistan, he said that I am very grateful to his Chinese friends for their hospitality and warmth behavior as whole’. He observed that some people say that “China is friend of Pakistan, this is not right, China is not friend of Pakistan, But China is our all-season friend and Iron Brother”. During his visit, he saw great development in China. Their economic growth and prosperity were mind-blowing and stunning. He expressed to get benefits from the Chinese experience for the development of Baluchistan region and Pakistan in particular.
While answering the question about the current priority of Baluchistan for its future development, he noted that the economic development must be the key factor. “This is our priority among priorities, because we didn’t have any mega development projects in the past for Baluchistan, but now we can say it proudly that we have CPEC as a great hope for which we are extremely grateful to our iron friend. This will be a game changer for Baluchistan and Pakistan.”
To another question about Saindak & Hub Power project and their effects on socioeconomic conditions in Baluchistan, he emphasized that without any doubts, there are very beneficial and prosper projects playing key role in Baluchistan’s socioeconomic condition but as our country is falling into a series of troubles, including inflation, unemployment, poverty, and harsh climate and environment, we need more strong measures to improve our economic situation and provide education and employment opportunities for more young people. China can play a key role in this, and we have no doubt about it.
When referring to the life and property safety of foreign investors and workers in Balochistan, the social activist reiterated that all local tribal chiefs look forward to and welcome Chinese and other foreign investment in the region. In order to encourage foreign investment, ensuring peace in Balochistan is now the top priority. “We will stand with foreign investors, especially our Chinese friends who have always stood with us in difficult times, and do our best to provide the greatest trust and protection.” –Agencies