Chinese help abroad reflects humanitarian spirit: Beijing

BEIJING: China has sent medical experts to other nations out of humanitarian spirits, shared lessons of its success with them to fight against Covid-19 and never asked any country to copy the ‘Chinese model’, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said on Thursday.
“As of now, China has sent 12 teams of medical experts to 10 countries including Pakistan, Italy, Serbia, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Venezuela, Philippines, and Myanmar to help them fight against Covid-19,” he said during his regular briefing held here while responding to a question that some commentators believed that China hoped to export its governance methods to foreign countries in this way.
The spokesperson said that the members of the Chinese expert groups exchanged anti-epidemic experience with local medical staff to help them improve their epidemic prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment capabilities, and boost their confidence in defeating the epidemic together, which was unanimously praised by the relevant governments and people. He said that the Chinese side had been doing this to reciprocate the assistance it received earlier and out of the humanitarian spirits, and even more so as to practice the concept of a community of shared destiny for mankind. “We never stand by and stay away from our friends when we are in trouble, and we don’t want to pick up and choose when we reach out. Keeping up with one another, working together and overcoming difficulties is China’s original intention and goal to win the global efforts against the epidemic together with the international community. This goal has not changed,” he added. Zhao Lijian remarked that in the face of this sudden global public health crisis, no country could be alone, and the international community needed solidarity and cooperation more than ever.
China was determined to do a good job in the prevention and control of its national epidemic situation, strengthen international cooperation in the fight against epidemics, and actively participate in global health governance, he added. He said that it was a responsibility that was in the common interest of the international community and the well-being of all mankind, adding, “China never “exports” the Chinese model to anyone, nor has it ever asked anyone to copy Chinese assignments.” The spokesperson reiterated that the Chinese side was willing to continue to uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind.–Agencies