Chinese experts help Kuwait in fight against COVID-19


KUWAIT CITY: “We come here to share China’s anti-epidemic experiences with Kuwaiti side. We hope to help Kuwaiti people overcome the disease as soon as possible,” said Ruan Yuesheng, head of a Chinese expert team in Kuwait.
The Chinese team, sent by the the Chinese government to help fight COVID-19, arrived in Kuwait on Monday night.
The eight medical experts specialize in areas including virus testing, infectious disease, respiratory disease, intensive care, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
During the past days, the experts held meetings with officials of Kuwait Ministry of Health and experts from medical sectors, during which two sides shared experiences in prevention and control, testing, treatment and quarantine.
“In the past days, we have visited the Ministry of Health and some medical institutions, and exchanged in-depth experiences with Kuwaiti experts in public health,” said Ruan.
The team has also brought some suggestions to the Kuwaiti side, he told Xinhua, adding that Kuwaiti experts are very interested in China’s anti-epidemic experiences.
During the visit, Kuwaiti experts expressed hope to learn from useful experiences and practices of China in combating the coronavirus.
The team has also visited field medical sites related to combating the coronavirus, including epidemic testing center. The Chinese side lauded Kuwait’s measures to curb the coronavirus spread.
“We have seen that the Kuwaiti government attaches great importance to the measures for preventing and controlling the pandemic while preparing properly for testing, treatment, quarantine management and medical protection supplies,” Ruan noted.