Chinese EV charger maker to expend services to Pakistan


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BEIJING: The Dynamic Engineering and Automation (DEA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Chinese Energy Vehicles (EV) charger manufacturer and supplier to jointly establish a chain of charging stations across Pakistan.
“DEA has signed an MoU with one of the largest EV charger manufacturers and suppliers in China, RNL Technologies and has sole representation of them in Pakistan,” according to a press release received here.
It said the Chinese company is willing to help DEA to establish and grow this sector in a sustainable manner in Pakistan and added the DEA has already made a vast experience in fulfilling the energy demand of country by its LPG Air mix & LNG solutions and now DEA wants to do the same for EV sector based on its previous knowledge and experience.
As an energy solution provider, the DEA is keen to put its knowledge and experience to take part in this sector and establish a chain of EV charging stations across country on motorways, highways and intercity on gas stations and shopping malls.
It may be mentioned here that after the announcement of new EV policy by the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the market demand for EV’s has been increased and more new EV manufacturers are coming to Pakistan.
Earlier in mid March, the Board of Investment (BOI) had decided to facilitate the entry of China’s largest automobile manufacturer in Pakistan and the first private special economic zone (SEZ) in Raiwind, Punjab.
During an SEZ committee meeting on Saturday, the BOI granted admission to MG JW Automobile Pakistan Private Limited in JW-SEZ Raiwind as ‘zone enterprise’.
With an estimated foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rs663 million and local investment worth Rs637 million, MG JW Automobile will establish an electric car manufacturing plant.
MG JW Automobile (MG Pakistan) is a joint venture between JW-SEZ (Private) Limited and SMIL, which is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited.