Chinese culture center donates masks to Pakistani pupils

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: China International Culture Exchange Center donated 5000 masks to Pakistan Students Association and Economic Affairs. The handover ceremony was held here at COMSATS.
Ex-Ambassador to China Khalid Masood, Ex-Ambassador to France Ghalib Iqbal, Founding Rector of COMSATS SM Zaidi, Rector NUTech Lt. General Khalid Asghar, Parliamentary Secretary Kanwal Shauzab, Additional Registrar PEC Nasir Mehmood, Assistant Director of COMSATS Qaisar Nawab, Diplomats from Azerbaijan Embassy, Students and scholars attended the ceremony.
Due to the epidemic, the Chinese side was unable to attend the handover ceremony.
Muhammad Shahbaz, President of The Pakistan Students Association, delivered donated materials on behalf of China International Culture Exchange Center, and read out the letter from the Chinese side. In the letter, China International Culture Exchange Center stated that Pakistan is a true friend of China who shares difficulties together, and a good brother who shares wears and woes.
No matter how the international situation changes, Pakistan-China friendship will always be rock-solid and unbreakable.
“At present, the pandemic is still undergoing. We would like to share the successful experience from China in fighting the anti-pandemic with Pakistan.
And in particular we raised a catch of masks to donate to Pakistan Students Association and Economic Affairs. It is expected that we can strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation to jointly promote Sino-Pakistani friendship after this.”
On the occasion, participants spoke highly of China’s efforts in supporting Pakistan’s fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.
Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz said that China and Pakistan are iron brothers and have stood by each other in difficulties. He thanked the China International Culture exchange center for the donation of masks.