Chinese company to assist monitoring air quality 

Islamabad: In a bid to monitor air pollution in Punjab, Norinco International Pakistan Branch signed a contract with the Environment Protection Department, Government of Punjab, Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

The contract is to construct, supply, install and maintain air quality monitoring stations across Punjab province, with a total value of 3.65 billion rupees.

Norinco International will establish 21 real-time air quality monitoring stations (16 fixed and 5 mobile) in Punjab to conduct real-time monitoring of air quality in eight regions.

This will assist the Environment Protection Department in carrying out the Punjab Green Development Plan (PGDP), strengthen air governance, and promote green investment.

These systems will provide real-time data on parameters like particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), etc.

This data will enable policymakers and stakeholders to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to combat air pollution. –INP