Chinese community distributes relief parcels among needy families

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: The coronavirus cases in Pakistan have been rising on full pace, as this week the total number of infections doubled. In this fight against epidemic, the Chinese community living continued to support the people living under ongoing lockdown. “The Chinese community stands by Pakistani brothers in this time of need”, said Ma Bin, Principal of China-Pakistan Education & Cultural Institute.

The Chinese community distributed daily necessities among 300 needy families in twin cities. Lockdown is not easy option to take but the results will be significant, all we need to be patient while this hard time pass. “This is a humble act to support our brothers in fight against coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown has been very tough to the daily wagers but Chinese people will continue to provide aid in this difficult time”, said Ma Bin.
The relief and support efforts were also appreciated by the Overseas Chinese Students Association, President Li Qiang. “In this fight against common pandemic, the students have also joined hands in supporting the Pakistani brothers. This support will continue till the epidemic is controlled and eliminated from Pakistan, as both China and Pakistan are together in warm and difficult times,” said Li Qiang.

China has sent medical experts to provide and share Coronavirus outbreak experience with Pakistani counterparts.
They have visited quarantine centers in different parts of Pakistan. Also, they have provided valuable opinions to Pakistani doctors and medical experts to easily counter the threat of Coronavirus.

“The Chinese experts are also helping Pakistani doctors and medics in fight against epidemic. Our country value Pakistan more than a brother.
Though, the Chinese community finds it, responsibility to support Pakistani people to the best in this virus crisis”, affirmed Li Qiang.