Chinese buses hit new route of Peshawar BRT

PESHAWAR: Zu Peshawar of TransPeshawar’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) launched another Express Route (ER-12) for the people of the city on Wednesday (11th).
Provincial Minister Transport Shah Muhammad Khan inaugurated ER-12 and called it one of Zu Peshawar’s “must-have” routes.
Express Route-12 will cover areas between Shah Alam Pul and Moll of Hayatabad, Peshawar. ER-12 consists of 11 stops including the University of Peshawar. BRT has also announced plans to increase the number of buses on all other existing routes. Designed with international premium practices in mind, a new BRT system, ZU Peshawar, was launched in August 2020. It transported over 50 million passengers in its first year of operation.–Agencies