Chinese armed forces’ engagement in international cooperation in 2022

BEIJING: From November 10 to 18, 2022, Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark conducted its 10th overseas medical mission in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. During the mission, the ship provided vital medical assistance in what was dubbed Mission Harmony-2022.
The vessel berthed in the Southeast Asian country with 111 doctors and nurses from a naval medical university. They conducted 13,488 diagnoses and performed 37 surgeries for local residents, Chinese community members and staff members of Chinese institutions in Indonesia, the navy said in a news release.
Experts also hosted online academic seminars with their counterparts from the Indonesian naval hospital and participated in online joint consultation on difficult diseases with experts from multiple countries, according to the release.
This is an example of how the Chinese armed forces have contributed to world peace and development.
Dialogue and cooperation
China is an active participant in global security governance. In April 2022, Chinese PresidentXi Jinping proposed the Global Security Initiative, which champions the commitment to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and working together to maintain world peace and security.
In 2022, leaders of the Central Military Commission, the supreme leading organ of the Chinese armed forces, held meetings, talks and video calls with their counterparts from the defense departments and militaries of Russia, the U.S., Cambodia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries to boost collaboration, Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, said on December 29.
In June, China sent a high-level delegation to attend the Shangri-La Dialogue, the premier defense and security summit in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese representatives also participated in the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security in August as well as many other multilateral dialogue and cooperation mechanisms.
–The Daily Mail-Beijing Review news excahnge item