Chinese, Algerian PMs hold talks

BEIJING: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang afternoon talked with Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad by phone on cooperation in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
The traditional China-Algeria friendship is profound, Li said, noting that Algeria donated urgently needed medical supplies to China at the early time of its fight against the disease, which highlighted a commitment to going together through thick and thin.
The COVID-19 epidemic spreading in the Middle East region poses a huge challenge for Algeria, Li said, adding that China feels keenly for it and stands firmly with Algeria, and that China is willing to provide support within its capacity and share its anti-virus experience.
Meanwhile, the Chinese premier expressed the hope for the Algerian side to provide guarantee for the safety and living convenience of the Chinese nationals in Algeria.
China is willing to work with Algeria to continue advancing the implementation of their key cooperation projects, he said, expressing belief that bilateral cooperation in various fields will be lifted to a new level after the epidemic is defeated.
In the phone conversation, Djerad said it is necessary for countries to help each other and strengthen multilateral collaboration amid the global spread of COVID-19, adding that Algeria appreciates the anti-virus efforts China has made, and that it is grateful for China’s sincere help.
The Algerian prime minister voiced the hope for continued support from China in medical supplies, equipment and treatment to its fight against the coronavirus.
Algeria is satisfied with the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership and is willing to work with China to push forward major bilateral cooperation projects, he said.–Agencies