China’s support to Pak in combating COVID-19 continues

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: China reassured that its huge support to Pakistan will continue and there will be no shortage of medical equipment to combat COVID-19, reports Gwadar Pro App on Thursday.
Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said that “it is Pakistan that China has launched most aids to control the deadly vitrus.” Likewise, the National Disaster Management Authority informed that China made a huge contribution in medical relief assistance to Pakistan amid the pandemic outbreak and China made 80% of the total aid Pakistan has received so far.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all sectors of China have been continuously supporting Pakistan. On Mar 31st, Beijing Lianxin Charity Foundation donated a batch of medical supplies to the Pakistani embassy in Beijing.. Those supplies were purchased with funds which were voluntarily donated by Chinese citizens. The youngest donors are only 13 years old.
Amidst those supplies, the TCM oral liquid which belongs to traditional Chinese medicine with the effect of eliminating phlegm and relieving cough, attracted ambassador’s attention.
Hair Group (Pakistan) donated 50,000 medical masks to local government. Prime Minister Imran Khan received them. Haier Pakistan also come to help Pakistan to prevent the loss of precious human lives. It is reported that the company is urgently arranging procurement and transport of the second batch of supplies. within the next few days to distribute to frontline hospitals and medical workers.
Basha project launched by Zhong Mei Engineering Group donated a batch of medical supplies to Chilas city and Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The aids including 14,000 medical masks, 240 N95 masks, 300 pairs of medical gloves, as well as anti-epidemic medical devices such as protective clothing, medical infrared thermometers, mercury thermometers and alcohol pads.
Meanwhile, Guizhou University (GZU) donated a batch of supplies such as medical masks, gloves, infrared thermometers and medicines.