China’s support to help promote green energy in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: China’s cooperation and support will help Pakistan promote green energy, WealthPK reports.
The Chinese government is fully supporting Pakistan’s initiatives to shift to clean and green energy sources. China has invested remarkably in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector during the past few years.
Several green energy schemes have been initiated in Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). However, Pakistan needs more cooperation from China to promote sustainable and green energy.
Adnan Khan, a representative of the CPEC Authority, told WealthPK that China launched numerous hydro, wind and solar energy projects across the country, marking a substantial step towards green and low-carbon development.
“Pakistan is also making efforts to shift towards clean energy sources. The country is heavily reliant on oil and gas, but it has set a target of generating 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030,” he said.
China and Pakistan have also collaborated on a number of green energy projects. In 2015, the two countries launched CPEC, a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure and energy project.
“CPEC is Pakistan’s next breakthrough. Due to its immense geopolitical and economic importance, the project is already attracting substantial investments. “One of the key components of CPEC is the development of a network of renewable energy projects in Pakistan, which are being financed and constructed by Chinese companies,” said Adnan Khan.
He said that China contributed to sustainable and green development in Pakistan and would continue the cooperation. “Working together for the betterment of the region, China and Pakistan have boosted cooperation in green energy. Under the CPEC, five wind power projects have been completed with a total capacity of 300 megawatts and another 300-megawatt solar power project has also been executed,” he added.
He said that projects such as the Karot hydropower plant Matiari-Lahore power transmission line helped a lot in reducing energy losses in the country.
“Renewable energy projects under CPEC are expected to cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 3.5 million tonnes. These schemes will also boost the clean energy production mix and optimise the energy consumption structure,” said Adnan Khan.
He said that the development of green and sustainable energy, as a result of schemes launched under CPEC, was generating thousands of jobs in Pakistan. According to statistics, CPEC has created around 190,000 jobs in the country.
“Overall, the efforts of China and Pakistan to promote green energy are commendable. Their collaboration on renewable energy projects is a positive step towards a more sustainable future,” he said.
Adnan Khan said that the government of Pakistan was also promoting the use of solar energy. He said that there had been a significant increase in the installation of solar panels in the country in recent years. He added that the country was also exploring wind and hydropower as potential sources of renewable energy.
“However, the progress has been slow due to a shortage of investment and infrastructure. It is needed to expedite efforts for the promotion of green energy in the country,” he told WealthPK.