China’s Green credentials visible despite US smear: Expert

DM Monitoring

NAIROBI: China has been on the frontline of advancing environmental sustainability in the past decades with efforts and results visible to the world, a Kenyan expert said.
Cavince Adhere, an international relations scholar, made the comments responding to Washington’s recent attack on China’s environmental record, saying that the US attack is unwarranted and will jeopardize efforts to make the planet greener, livable and prosperous.
The US government on Friday stepped up its smear campaign against China with an alleged “fact sheet” about China’s environmental abuses. The groundless accusation against China “risks rolling back global efforts to create safe, livable and sustainable ecological ecosystems,” Adhere told Xinhua.
He said that the so-called “fact sheet” is unjustified and only illustrates the hegemonic and bullying attitude of the world’s only superpower that bodes ill for the global green agenda. “Directing attacks at Beijing, which has emerged as a strong advocate of international climate action, only show the US, as a bellicose power, tries to settle political scores instead of constructively contributing to global ecological security,” said Adhere.
The expert noted that contrary to Washington’s allegations, it is visible that the Asian nation has taken sterling performance in reforestation, reversing desertification and desilting the Yellow River. “Other key pillars of China’s ecological revolution include insisting on the harmony between humans and the environment, concerted efforts to produce more ecological products and widespread beautification and awareness programs,” said Adhere.