China, UK to cooperative over COVID-19: Envoy

LONDON: China and Britain will emerge from the test of the epidemic of the novel coronavirus with stronger mutual trust, closer cooperation and deeper friendship, and the “Golden Era” of bilateral relations will yield more “golden fruits,” Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming has said.
The leaders of China and Britain have expressed their confidence in victory over the epidemic in a telephone conversation last week and agreed that China and Britain will shoulder the responsibility and work together to ensure this victory, Liu recalled while speaking at the “Together We Fight against the Virus” event jointly hosted by the City of London and Chinese and British Business Communities on Friday evening.
“Virus knows no borders. So does love…I think today, with this event, we are demonstrating our determination, our confidence and our perseverance,” said the ambassador.

Liu said the outbreak of COVID-19 has been the most severe public health crisis since the founding of New China in terms of the speed of its spread, the scope of its impact and the difficulty of prevention and control. “Thanks to our persistent efforts, the spread of the disease is basically contained, and our measures have taken initial effect. The numbers of newly-added confirmed and suspected cases are on a descending trajectory and there has been a sharp increase in the number of cured cases. Facts prove that the disease is preventable, controllable and curable,” he said. The Chinese diplomat said China has shared information about the epidemic with all the relevant parties in a timely manner, including sharing the genetic sequence of the virus and enhancing cooperation on vaccine development.
“As the Chinese people are fighting hard against the virus, people all over the world have stood firmly together with us. More than 170 heads of states or governments and more than 40 heads of international organisations have conveyed their sympathy and support,” said Liu, adding that the international community has donated fund and supplies in the spirit of mutual assistance.
The ambassador said China are deeply grateful for the support coming from all quarters in Britain when China is fighting against the epidemic. –Agencies