China to rectify problems discovered in Budget Audit

BEIJING: China will fix problems discovered in audits on central budget implementation, and other financial revenues and expenditures, according to a State Council executive meeting.
The meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, also specified measures to improve the rural delivery and logistics system to better meet farmers’ needs in life and production.
The meeting urged related government departments and local authorities to implement solid rectification. Efforts should be made to severely punish major violations of laws and regulations, such as illegal scalping of bulk commodities and tax evasion. Typical cases should be publicly exposed.
Governments at all levels should continue to tighten their belts in the interests of the people. Efforts should not be relaxed on reducing spending on official overseas visits, government-procured vehicles, and official receptions. Violations that increase the costs of administrative operations will not be allowed, the meeting decided.
More work should be done to fully implement policies and measures benefiting businesses and the people, such as cutting taxes and fees, stabilizing jobs, expanding employment, and providing financial support to the real economy, especially micro and small businesses.
The meeting also urged proper management and use of funds for elderly care, education, medical care, and housing and strictly prevent embezzlement.
To promote rural vitalization, increase farmers’ income, and unleash domestic demand in rural areas, China will speed up rural delivery and logistics services and further facilitate the circulation of agricultural products and consumer goods.
The country will better connect urban markets and logistics firms with farms and farmers’ cooperatives with the support of the “Internet Plus” approach. China will also develop specialized delivery services and cold-chain storage and processing facilities to promote the sales of agricultural products, the meeting said.
Measures will be taken to improve the weak links of rural delivery and logistics infrastructure and make express delivery services available in villages with the support of courier firms and the postal sector. –Agencies