China to import milk, dairy products from Pakistan

BEIJING: The Chinese government’s decision to allow the import of milk and dairy products from Pakistan marks a significant milestone in bilateral trade relations between the two countries and has potential to create a new avenue for economic cooperation, Ghulam Qadir Commercial Counsellor at Pakistan Embassy said.

As China continues to diversify its import sources, the move is expected to open up lucrative opportunities for Pakistan’s dairy industry, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the global dairy trade.
“Feeling jubilant over this new development. With this we are Inching closer towards sustainable bilateral trade between Pakistan and China with a bigger share of Pakistan’s exports”, he said in an interview.
According to an announcement from the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) foods made from cow’s milk or camel’s milk, including milk powder, whey powder, whey protein powder, bovine colostrum powder, sterilized milk, modulated milk, fermented milk, cheese and processed cheese, thin cream, cream, anhydrous cream, these dairy products can be exported to China from Pakistan.
The statement further states that dairy animals that provide raw milk for dairy products exported to China shall meet different standards including FMD quarantine restrictions have been lifted for at least 2 months and The farm has not been subject to quarantine restrictions for anthrax in the past 12 months.
“Dairy products to China must be packaged in new materials that meet Chinese standards. The outer packaging shall be marked in Chinese, Urdu and English with specifications, origin (specific to the state/province/city), destination, product name, weight, manufacturer name, registration number, production batch number, storage conditions, production date and shelf life,” the statement added. -Agencies