China tells US to repair ties, suggests remedies

BEIJING: Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi clarified China’s three bottom lines in effectively managing and controlling divergences in China-US relations — the US should not challenge, smear or seek to subvert the Chinese path and system, should not seek to interrupt or disrupt China’s development, should not violate China’s national sovereignty or territorial integrity — during his meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.
By making clear bottom lines and urging the US to correct its wrong mindset and wrong actions – the main cause for a stalemate to the already struggling China-US relations – China raised sharp questions to the US on Monday that how the US could seek any good results of the bilateral ties with its policy of suppressing China.
Such a proactive way of laying out Beijing’s bottom lines and elaborating major concerns to Washington followed a hardline diplomatic approach, first used at the China-US Alaska meeting in March, should end the wishful thinking among some US politicians who believe that the visit of US Deputy Secretary of State could explore whether the China policy of the Biden administration worked out over the past six months.
Sherman raised again the so-called international rules-based order, to which Wang responded that if the rules the US side refers to is rules made by the US and a small number of other countries, what justifies them to impose those rules on China?
High tariffs the US imposed on Chinese goods violate WTO rules and unilateral sanctions violate international rules. On following international rules, the US should be the one to reflect, Wang noted.
US needs tutorial, policy change
The fundamental reason for the deadlock in China-US relations is that some in the US always see China as an “imaginary enemy,” Xie told Sherman, as the meeting on Monday began in North China’s Tianjin, which was described as a tense start of the high-level talks.
Before the meeting, the US sanctioned Chinese officials over Hong Kong, forming an anti-China chorus over issues of Xinjiang, Taiwan, the South China Sea and cyber security.
“Washington has been trying to contain China, thinking that will solve its problems, as if the only way for the US to become great again is to contain China’s development,” Xie said.
– The Daily Mail-Global Times News exchange item