China stresses Canada to mend ties, ready to help amid pandemic

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BEIJING: Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged Canada to make a decisive decision and take actions as early as possible to remove the obstacles that impede the development of the two countries’ relations.
In a phone conversation with Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, Wang noted the Canadian side said many times that it values the two countries’ relations and hopes to push bilateral ties back to the right track, and China attaches importance to the stance.
Noting this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-Canada diplomatic ties, Wang said it is supposed to be an important year for the two countries to strengthen cooperation.
At the time when Canada also faces difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, China is ready to console the Canadian people, provide Canada with much-needed support and assistance and share experience with it without reservation, Wang said.
Champagne spoke highly of China’s notable achievements in the fight of the epidemic, expressing gratitude to China for its donations of medical supplies and the sharing of anti-epidemic experience.
Facing the global challenges brought by the epidemic, the significance of closer bilateral cooperation in public health becomes increasingly prominent, he said, adding that Canada hopes to take the 50th anniversary of Canada-China relations as a chance to enhance communication and cooperation with China, and take constructive measures to get the two countries’ ties return to the right track.
Champagne said Canada pay close attention to the safety and health of Chinese nationals in Canada and will provide necessary safeguard for them.
For his part, Wang noted that viruses are a common enemy for the human race and all countries need to work together to deal with them.
China is the first country to inform the World Health Organization (WHO) of the epidemic, Wang said, adding that it has taken the most rigorous and complete prevention and control measures in history and contained the spread of the disease in an effective way.
As the WHO expert team said, China’s anti-virus efforts have changed the epidemic curve miraculously, the Chinese diplomat recalled, saying that China has not only safeguarded the health and safety of its people, but also bought time and offered valuable experience to the world.
Any remarks that disregarded the basic facts are untenable and disrespecting the huge sacrifice made by Chinese people, Wang said, noting that he believes that Canada will not take side with them.
Wang said that since the COVID-19 broke out, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opposed many times practices of racial discrimination and participated in events held by Chinese communities in Canada.
China appreciates such goodwill gestures by the Canadian side as well as its helping hand to the Chinese side, said Wang, adding that the Chinese nation is a grateful nation.
Noting that there are about 850,000 Chinese nationals, including around 230,000 students in Canada, Wang stressed that China is always concerned about their safety and believes that Canada will safeguard their health and legitimate rights.
The epidemic is changing everything, Wang said, noting that facing the threat to all human beings, solidarity is urgently needed.
Against this backdrop, any practices of bullying or long-arm jurisdiction for anyone’s selfish interests will not be popular and should be abandoned, he added.