China stands by Pakistan, says Yao Jing

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said that Chinese government and people of his country fully stand by Pakistan to overcome the coronavirus epidemic.
He held an assurance in his telecast interview tonight that the Chinese government is prepared to extend all possible assistance to Pakistan to control the situation.
“We are closely watching the situation and prepared to work with Pakistan to deal with epidemic through every possible way”, he added.
While greeting people and the government on Pakistan Day, Ambassador Yao Jing hoped that government and people of Pakistan will soon succeed against this epidemic. He recalled when China suffered from outbreak of coronavirus 3 months back, we got la ot of support and solidarity from Pakistan and we highly value it. Unfortunate at a time when China has overcome this disease, it is spreading in Pakistan and other countries. China will be supporting the international community and Pakistan to come out of this situation. We believe that Pakistan has the potential and capacity to fight this crisis successfully.
Agencies add: China’s leading telecom gear maker Huawei donated a video conference system to the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination of Pakistan to fight coronavirous.
According to Huawei, this multi-scenario intelligent collaboration solution based on 4K video technologies will enable medical experts across Pakistan to work with frontline medical staff, reports Gwadar Pro App.
It is of great use when it comes to remote consultations, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and more importantly, epidemic prevention and control command. “This is a difficult time for the country, and we would like Huawei to be a partner with us, just as China and Pakistan are best partners,” Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Zafar Mirza addressed the donation ceremony.
Pakistan, with its vast landscape and large, highly mobile population, is in dire need for effective communication and data exchange to control the COVID-19 outbreak.High-tech provided by IT giants like Huawei is undoubtedly a labor-saving method as the world’s healthcare system stretched thin.
It is believed that thermal imaging supports contagion monitoring and it can accurately spot a moving object’s temperatures in real-time without contact and issue abnormal temperature alerts, a joint Huawei and Deloitte study said. As Huawei Pakistan CEO Meng Qiang put it, the company is willing to support Pakistan in the fight against COVID-19. Earlier February, Huawei built a 5G network at Huoshenshan Hospital in hard-hit Wuhan, China. As various types of medical equipment are connected via internet, patients could easily ask for help.Also, the remote teleconsultation system enabled experts to discuss treatment plans from different locations, the report added.