China reports 4 new cases from Pakistan

DM Monitoring

GUANGZHOU: China’s Guangzhou city reported four newly confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) imported from Pakistan on Tuesday, reports Gwadar Pro App, quoting the municipal health commission. The four patients, whose hometown is Henan Province, all had trips in Pakistan, and shared a same trajectory of flights before they entered into Guangzhou.
On March 20, the four patients took off from Islamabad, Pakistan by fight TG350, and transferred to flight TG668 in Bangkok, Thailand. What’s worth mentioning is their seats were near each other in the flight of TG668, which were 59D,58D,58E,58F.They arrived on March 21 at Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou, where they undergone nucleic acid testing (NAT) to screen for coronavirus while waiting for transfer in airport lounge.
On March 22, the four tested positive for the COVID-19, and were sent to a local hospital for quarantine and medical treatment.The result of CT examination further showed they were suffering from a pneumonia, and after the consultation of experts, they were confirmed as COVID-19 cases.
By March 23, two people had been initially reported to have close contacts with the patients, and had been quarantined for medical observation. The four cases confirmed in Guangdong marked the third province that has imported cases from Pakistan, following Shandong Province and Beijing Municipality.According to China’s National Health Commission, the Chinese mainland reported 74 newly imported cases of COVID-19 on March 23, bringing the total number of imported cases to 427. Of the 74 newly imported cases, 31 were reported in Beijing, 14 in Guangdong, nine in Shanghai, five in Fujian and four in Tianjin. On Monday, Chinese authorities deployed measures to guard against imported cases of COVID-19 and a rebound in domestically transmitted cases in response to changes in the epidemic situation.