China remembers GDP target goal


The 3rd session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) began on Friday. Premier Li Keqiang did not set a GDP growth target for this year in the Government Work Report. Instead, he focused on stabilizing employment and safeguarding people’s livelihood. This is generally regarded as a pragmatic tactic in response to the uncertainty caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic. In his report, Li said the country will “step up efforts to ensure stability on six fronts and maintain security in six areas” in terms of “main targets for development and the overall plan for the next stage.” About 20 micro measures were raised to spur market vitality and the internal driving forces of growth. The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic is clear. The losses it has caused are inevitable. But China is the first country to place the epidemic under control, as well as the most capable country to effectively and strategically coordinate epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensively resume economic and social activities. This year, China will tighten its belt. This will have a profound influence. But China also has the largest room to maneuver among major economies. COVID-19 is shocking the world, and China needs a hard-working spirit as well as relatively high confidence. China will survive the crisis. Compared with other countries, it will maintain a relatively rapid economic and social development as the epidemic lingers on. The Chinese people should keep calm in action and thought, focusing our energy on how to overcome specific difficulties and practical problems during this period, transforming the country’s strategic progress into career achievements and happiness of as many ordinary people as possible. The Chinese people have seen that China, one of the world’s most populous countries, has far less COVID-19 deaths than in the US and Europe. They are aware this is not easy. They also know that while the pandemic continues, it is not realistic for the Chinese economy to achieve a 100 percent recovery. They wish the losses can be scaled down and hope the country can create more development opportunities amid the current circumstances. As long as the country makes the best efforts, it will be positively acknowledged by all Chinese people. The Chinese economy is facing difficulties. Yet the Chinese people’s trust in their government has reached a new peak. This country respects human life and cares about the well-being of all common people, unlike some countries, such as the US, which focus only on the interests of a few elites. According to a draft budget report of the Chinese Ministry of Finance, China set its 2020 defense budget growth target at 6.6 percent, lower than the 7.5 percent growth in 2019 and 8.1 percent in 2018. But the budget has maintained growth, which mirrors the country’s confidence in economic growth this year. It is believed the Chinese people will show their support to the figure. The increase in defense spending is the country’s response to growing US strategic pressure against China and the rising strategic risks China faces. China has no intention of engaging in an arms race with any country. The gap between China and the US in military budget is wide. –CN