China ready to aid global virus combat

BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that China is ready to work with all other parties to step up coordination against COVID-19 and shore up confidence in the international community.
Xi made the remarks during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of an extraordinary virtual summit of the Group of 20 (G20) leaders on a coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Chinese president noted that Merkel has expressed to the Chinese side sympathies and support, and the German government and various sectors in the country have extended their helping hand in the early days of the outbreak in China, saying that the Chinese people will remember that in their hearts.
Germany is now facing a serious challenge from the epidemic, and the Chinese people feel the same way, said Xi, adding that China firmly supports Germany in its fight against the epidemic and is willing to continue to provide assistance within its capacity.
He also said that the Chinese and German experts have already had video exchanges, and German experts have also travelled to China with the World Health Organization expert team, adding that China is willing to share prevention, control and treatment experience with Germany, strengthen cooperation in vaccine and drug research and development, and contribute to the health and wellbeing of both peoples and global public health security.
“May you lead the German people to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible,” Xi said.
Viruses know no borders and are a common challenge faced by humanity, Xi said, adding that no country can stay out of or be immune from the epidemic.
In the battle against the outbreak, China and Germany, as well as China and the European Union (EU) have demonstrated the strength of solidarity and cooperation, and displayed positive energy, Xi said. Noting that the extraordinary G20 summit is about to be held, Xi said that the Chinese side is ready to work with all sides, including Germany, to step up coordination and speak with one voice to advocate the spirit of sharing the same boat and jointly fight the COVID-19 epidemic, so as to shore up confidence in the international community. – Agencies