‘China provided Covid-19 kits to Pakistan, Japan, AU’

ISLAMABAD: China has provided reagent testing kits to Pakistan, Japan, the African Union in wake of new coronavirus epidemic and shared diagnosis and treatment plans with many countries.
“China is paying close attention to the development of the global new corona pneumonia epidemic situation, and sympathizes with the difficulties currently facing some countries with the intensified epidemic situation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing held here on Tuesday.
He informed that at present, significant progress has been made in China’s epidemic prevention and control, but it is still in a critical period, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed at all.
The epidemic situation of new corona pneumonia has appeared in many countries, and the epidemic situation has intensified in some countries. It is more important and urgent for countries to strengthen communication and cooperation in the field of public health and safety, he added.
The spokesperson said that the Chinese side is communicating with all parties in this regard, and has provided testing reagents to Pakistan, Japan, the AU and shared diagnosis and treatment plans with many countries.
He said the Chinese Red Cross and related companies also provided reagents to Iran and African countries, adding, “We also sent a team of volunteer experts to Iran.”
Zhao Lijian said that depending on the development of the epidemic, China will continue to carry out different forms of cooperation with relevant parties while continuing to do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic in our country, and provide support to outside parties within our ability. He said his country is ready to strengthen international health cooperation with relevant countries especially those with high epidemic outbreaks, and WHO and work together to fight in unity until it wins the final victory in the fight against the epidemic globally.
Responding to a question about the countries which have recently provided assistance to China in various forms, he said at a critical juncture in China’s efforts to fight the epidemic, the international community provided China with sincere and friendly help and added, “China is deeply grateful and remembers it.”
The spokesperson said the Chinese side is fully confident, capable and confident of defeating the epidemic at an early date.