China proves being genuine People’s Republic


President & Editor-in-Chief 

The Pandemic of COVID-19 has gripped the entire global community with death rate increasing day by day. Whole global community is grappling to beat the deadly virus, using all resources and all available finances.
However, China is now in the safe mode. The country which detected the existence the COVID-19 and took the wrath of it, is now a dream destination for every citizen of the world. China is now reporting ZERO deaths due to COVID-19 with no new local infection cases surfacing as well. Yesterday, the city of Wuhan, that emerged as the first spot of China to face the virus attack has also been opened completely to the world and life has been restored to normal over there. This perhaps was the last place of China that was declared completely safe and virus free.
Though the daily life activities have been completely restored across China, yet the safeguards are still up. There is no let up in the safety measures and the WHO recommendations and advices are being fully complied with. But on the other side, one sees the undeterred rule of virus with people succumbing to the virus or living under its fear. Many nations have now started following what China did right in the beginning and also shared it with rest of the world and told the entire global community to do but was completely ignored.
However, one must study how China made it possible, against all odds. A visit to the facts in this direction indicates that it was China that detected the existence of this virus and shared its technical details with the global experts within no time. China, after realizing the gravity of the virus spread, straightaway locked down its city of Wuhan that has a population of 11 million and lately isolated the entire province of Hubei, to which Wuhan was provincial capital, when just over 500 cases of COVID-19 infection had brought to record. This action was taken to prevent the virus spread to the global community and of course to the rest of China. This was followed by launch of massive campaign for the general public to take protective measures. After doing so, China shifted its focus of providing medical assistance to the infected citizens of Wuhan and across China. Since Wuhan and Hubei were placed under comprehensive lockdown, the ratio of spread to the rest of China remained very thin, enabling Chinese authorities to keep more focused on Wuhan. It was this sacrifice made by both the people of Wuhan and government of China that out of over 3000 killed by virus infection across China, more that 2500 were from Wuhan alone.
With this martial plan that Chinese government manage to mobilize maximum of its all sort of resources to Hubei and its Wuhan city which resulted into establishing of two mega hospitals within just ten day. At one stage around 100 people were dying in China on daily basis. This aggressive and comprehensive response by the Chinese authorities cut the infection rate in Wuhan by 96 per cent and this was made possible only because authorities managed to keep Wuhan under lockdown for over 70 days.
This was what the government did but what about the people? The Daily Mail very strongly opines that this question brings the simple answer and that is that the people of China proved that they were nationals of a genuine People’s Republic. Not a single person objected to the lockdown against all odds. They, at no stage questioned the measures and restriction put in place by the government and at no stage reflected any sign of panic or mistrust in their government and reposed full confidence in the government of the People’s Republic.
They did what whatever they were told to do. If they were told to stay back home, they never tried to come out, if they were told to maintain social distancing, they never dared not to do so, if they were told to report their symptoms, they at no stage tried to hide the same, if they were told to put on masks, they religiously did so, if they were told to keep washing their hands, they did so with zeal and fervor and if they were told to believe in their government’s efforts to secure them, they did so without any iota of disbelief or mistrust.
The Daily Mail believes that this is the role model for every nation and every State to follow and this is what makes China the genius People’s Republic. The Daily Mail very strongly opines that these are the basics of a real genuine social system and this form of system is truly to be called Government of the People, For the People, By the People.