China paying close heed to Afganistan

BEIJING: China is paying close attention as a new Afghan government is set to be established, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.
The Chinese embassy in Afghanistan is a key channel for the contacts between the two countries, and the embassy is currently operating as normal, Wang told a regular press briefing.
“We hope that Afghanistan will form an open and inclusive government framework, adopt moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, and sever ties with all terrorist organizations,” the spokesperson said.
Wang also voiced the hope that all parties in Afghanistan can resolve their differences through negotiation, to ensure a smooth transition of power for the country.
“To ensure a peaceful transition of power, it is necessary to solve differences through negotiation. Only then can the residents of war-torn Afghanistan recover from chaos, and a lasting peace be reached.”
He added that China hopes that all parties in Afghanistan will echo the aspiration of the Afghan people and shared expectation of the international community.
–The Daily Mail-CGTN News exchange item