China, Pakistan join hands in Covid-19 combat

By Tang Mengsheng

The virus has no national boundaries, and no country is immune from the outbreak. Only by working together can we defeat the epidemic and stabilize the economy. Around the world, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak worldwide and has serious political, economic and social impacts.
The novel Coronavirus pneumonia has been confirmed in over 460 thousand cases worldwide. In this case, it is very necessary and urgent for the international community to strengthen cooperation and further pool strong forces to fight the epidemic.
Join hands with the world to fight the epidemic and make China’s contribution. International cooperation is crucial in the face of the rapid spread of the global epidemic.
Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, adhering to the vision of a community with a Shared future for mankind, and with a highly responsible attitude towards the Chinese people and the international community,
China has taken the national strength to take the most comprehensive, strictest and thorough preventive and control measures quickly, to promote the situation of epidemic prevention and control and accelerate the restoration of production and living order.
At the same time, China, as a responsible country, has actively carried out extensive cooperation with the rest of the world on epidemic prevention and control.
China has worked with other countries in the same direction, provided timely help to countries in need, provided Chinese assistance to jointly overcome the epidemic, shared China’s experience and contributed China’s wisdom.
The fate of the world is closely related together. The epidemic is the common enemy of mankind. In the era of globalization, all countries are more closely connected and inseparable.
No country can be alone. In the face of the epidemic, all countries must work together to strengthen cooperation and build a community of shared future for mankind.
Pakistan donated a large number of masks to China during the outbreak, and that’s almost all Pakistan’s inventory. Pakistan is helping China with the strength of the whole country.
Pakistan’s president said, “this is what friends should do. Leave a way out is not in consideration.”. If our friends are suffering, we will help them.
As a proverb says, a friend in need is a friend indeed. We can share our weal and woe with China.
However, the outbreak has always been so merciless. The kind Pakistani people are suffering from the same epidemic. The number of people infected in Pakistan has exceeded to more than 1000, and 9 have died. This is a very critical situation for Pakistan.
At the same time, Pakistan is also facing the attack of a locust disaster. The people and society of Pakistan are suffering from double attacks.
It’s hard for China to sit by to see what happened in Pakistan. China has extended a helping hand!
At present, both China and Pakistan are facing epidemic challenges. China is ready to share its experience in prevention and control with Pakistan, provide Pakistan with urgently needed anti-epidemic materials, and work together to tackle the common challenges.
We believe that through cooperation, China and Pakistan will win the battle against the novel Coronavirus pneumonia.
–The author is Professor & Director of Center Pakistan Studies at Peking University, China.